It’s already May and yet we’re still struggling to shake off those winter woes! Still, there’s always something to keep our minds off the weather in our busy Sheffield office. Here are a few snippets about life in our digital world over the last month…

What Does Industry 4.0 mean for manufacturing?

That’s the latest question we pose on the Epitomy Solutions blog HERE. It’s a fascinating subject, with the increased use of robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning exciting and terrifying commentators in equal measures.

Industry 4.0 is the next phase of evolution for manufacturers. Steam-powered mechanisation in the 1800s was followed by mass production techniques around 1920, and then automation courtesy of computers (1960s) introduced a bold new world. The next ‘revolution’ will see people and devices fully connected, and deep learning by machines take things to the next level.

How UK manufacturing utilises the new technologies is important to future success. A recent report by Interoute carried by the Manufacturing Global website showed that 68% of British firms are confident about changes likely to occur because of what Industry 4.0 offers. They look forward to connecting legacy systems, continuous improvement and greater connectivity with customers.

Epitomy Solutions is at the heart of digital transformation. We already help manufacturers realise the potential of their parts and products. Our master data solutions organise complex streams of information and are built for the future. We’re ready for the challenges ahead. Are you?

Epitomy Solutions MD Andrew Vernon

Meet the MD

We have featured several of the Epitomy Solutions staff in recent months. From the experienced collector of retro keyboards, John, our senior developer, to new kid on the block, Josh, a degree-level apprentice studying with Sheffield Hallam University.

With a nudge, push and a little encouragement, we convinced the MD, Andrew, that it was about time he fell under the spotlight.

Having studied Mechanical Engineering university in Sheffield, it was no surprise that he eventually returned to the city and established Epitomy Solutions. There were a few interesting twists and turns along the way, work in Venezuela, Chile and Japan, combusting chicken litter… oh, and a yacht.

You’d better read his story HERE.

Data – the new gold?

Facebook is in the news and under the microscope for allegedly allowing the data of 87 million users to be shared with the Cambridge Analytica consultancy. That story rumbles on, with founder Mark Zuckerberg and chief technology officer Mike Schroepfer forced to answer many questions posed by both the media and politicians.

Using data transparently to promote your products is another matter, but it has to be planned, managed, monitored and shared efficiently and effectively. How manufacturers use these prized assets can affect profits. From technical specifications, to part listings, images and pricing, it’s all essential data that information-hungry customers require before they process transactions on your website.

Epitomy Solutions helps to integrate systems so that one consistent source of product information is presented to all users, from any location on any device. Here’s our thoughts on the subject HERE.

We add regular articles to our news section, and you can follow Epitomy’s Twitter feed @EpitomyLtd for the very latest social media updates and interactions. Oh, and if you want to keep tabs on the MD, his LinkedIn profile is HERE. Connect and say “hello” soon.

Until next time…