Embracing the digital transformation, promoting UK exports, helping manufacturers and engineering companies plan for Brexit, and offering technical support and advice is just a small part of the EEF’s remit. We find out more…

The EEF, formerly the Engineering Employers’ Federation, is a powerful voice for UK manufacturing and engineering. In increasingly competitive global markets, the EEF works with industry leaders, company managers and professionals, apprentices, policy-makers and the media to promote British goods and services.

They actively encourage personnel from all levels of UK organisations to aim high and keep the British brand flying high. They have been doing this for over 120 years.

The core aim is to promote and support enterprise and innovation throughout the country, ensuring that firms remain future-focused and competitive while making sure they are always compliant.

EEF events around the country

Epitomy Solutions joined manufacturers at an “Innovate for Growth” event in Yorkshire recently. It took place at Millers Oils in Brighouse. They produce market-leading advanced oils, fuel treatments and lubrication solutions for automotive clients, agricultural and commercial vehicle manufacturers, and products for a range of industrial applications.

What grabbed us was a line on the Millers Oils website, in their About Us section. It says: “We have no particular interest in being the biggest, rather a driving passion to be the best at what we do.” What a fantastic ambition, ultimately motivated to deliver quality for their customers.

Epitomy Solutions visiting Miller Oils
Epitomy Solutions visited Miller Oils for the EEF’s Innovate for Growth event.

With such a positive online statement to whet appetites, visiting the Millers Oils site was a real treat. The representatives from companies across the region were certainly impressed by what they saw. It’s an immaculate facility.

What struck most of the attendees was how much the Millers Oils products impact on engineering and manufacturing operations around the country. It was exciting to see how over many years they have established a presence in so many industries.

Back to business and part of the EEF’s agenda that day was to learn how to maximise Research and Development tax credit returns. Advice was provided about how certain projects qualify if they help to make an advance in science or technology.

The EEF is a progressive organisation at the heart of what is being billed as Global Britain.

Investing in new products and integrating emerging technologies into traditional manufacturing techniques takes bold decision making. The session was designed to encourage true innovative spirt whilst enjoying the financial support that is available from tax relief.

R&D is vital if the UK economy is to continue growing. The backing provided by the EEF makes sure that manufacturers have the right information and support to make those key investment decisions.

Embracing Industry 4.0

Epitomy Solutions works with numerous clients across a wide range of manufacturing and engineering environments. While Millers Oils provides expertise to users of fuels and lubricants, we focus on enhancing how organisations manage and utilise their product information assets.

The flow of data will become more important in the coming years as more complex machinery links up with smarter systems. The volume of data will increase, and how organisations interpret and utilise that data will determine how successful their digital journey is.

At many recent networking events talk amongst manufacturers inevitably turns to what Industry 4.0 means and how it could benefit or impact on them. Everything from the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and deep learning are being investigated.

Epitomy Solutions is well-placed to contribute to this debate. EEF members are already embracing some of the technologies that are driving the digital transformation, and future networking events include how Industry 4.0 is going to affect Lean manufacturing.

The EEF is a progressive organisation at the heart of what is being billed as Global Britain. We’re delighted to be part of it.