As a business, we’re always soaking up useful sources of information about product information, data management, ecommerce and the move to more digital manufacturing systems.

Everyone at Epitomy Solutions reads some of the many articles that appear online, offer useful insights and provoke thought. We also share them. So here are a selection of items that we’ve noticed over the last few weeks:

Data security

Cyber security is increasingly important as more and more devices connect. That’s particularly true for manufacturers who connect systems from factory through to dealerships and e-commerce sites. Food for thought HERE

Manufacturing’s digital charge

Much of Epitomy Solution’s workload involves helping clients make use of their digital assets. Most manufacturers are now looking to Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things to see how they can move forward, enjoy greater economies of scale and give their customers better, up-to-date product information.

This wonderfully colourful piece leapt out because of the picture of lemons. It was enough to hook us, as was the subsequent article about taking note of things we have learned over time… HERE.

AI and deep learning

The subject of Artificial Intelligence continues to fascinate. Our own degree-level apprentice, Josh, has spent time working with Google’s character recognition tools, namely TensorFlow™. Elsewhere, the use of AI is growing quickly.

Here’s a piece we enjoyed that looks at other AI projects such as image processing, self-driving cars and banks. We particularly loved the line “…a deep-learning system that identifies the signs of potentially-delinquent customers faster..” when talking about spotting bank defaults! How AI became good enough to dominate Silicon Valley. Take a read HERE:

Manufacturing history

Meanwhile, back at Hawk Works, where Epitomy Solutions is based in the heart of Sheffield, we posted a story that celebrated our building’s history. So if you’d like to know a little more about the rich manufacturing steel roots that run through the very core of our office, take a read HERE.

Until next time…