Product Information Management (PIM) can help manufacturers utilise data across organisational functions, but immediate benefits can help the parts team and boost aftersales.

When you produce complex machinery with multiple parts there will always be a busy aftersales operation. Customers need replacement parts to cover damage, wear and tear and upgrades.

Any aftersales operation requires time, personnel and a well-organised system. You need to store, catalogue and locate parts as they are required.

Many systems have now been automated, but older machinery and associated parts often exist on printed drawings and are manually listed on paper and card.

When legacy products have been transferred to some kind of digital format, it’s often hard to integrate that data with other systems. There can also be errors in the recorded information.

How can PIM boost after sales and profits?

Every point of contact with customers is important. There should be a consistent level of care, understanding and information provided.

The Epitomy Platform offers a powerful and flexible bespoke PIM solution that suits your business. It integrates data from other business systems, organises complex information and delivers consistent search results.

Your personnel can focus on new opportunities that bring benefits to the organisation.

It’s a path to boosting profits by giving all users of your product information an intuitive experience. They access up-to-date product details.

Customers armed with valuable, accurate and relevant information can make decisions and drive sales. They buy new products and source replacements and upgrades direct from your ecommerce website.

For the busy parts team, generating reports is simple. They have access to a range of data sources to highlight trends, sales, manufacturing issues and customer feedback to assist future planning rounds.

Crucially, the Epitomy Platform can offer your customers a tailored aftersales experience. They can see the product specifications they need, price and delivery expectations are managed, and there will be less calls to your aftersales team.

Your personnel can focus on new opportunities that bring benefits to the organisation.

Online PIM demo

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