Our monthly round-up of snippets we’ve found on the Internet that hopefully provide a few interesting reads for anyone who follows manufacturing, leadership, technology and innovation topics…

What do you want from Manufacturing?

As business owners/leaders it’s easy to lose sight of what you set out to achieve. Regularly take stock, consider the basics, and ask yourself a few questions.

This is so true, from Gary Sheader: “A trend I see, when I am speaking to people on the shop floor is, they have no sense of direction. They don’t know where it is you are trying to get to, so how can they help you get there?”

Spend a few minutes absorbing these common sense tips from the Manufacturers Alliance..


Car parts boost

Positive news from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), who report an extra £41m in new private investment in the last four years, following a £13m government stimulus scheme. More car parts being manufactured in the UK..


And there’s more manufacturing news!

With Epitomy Solutions based in the heart of Sheffield, it’s always heartening to see positive developments around the wider Yorkshire region. In particular, news about investment, export success and jobs by organisations that manufacture specialist parts and assemblies – the kind of firms we support! So details on the Machinery Market website about William Cook Rail (Leeds) was good to hear…


What is a data lake?

We are asked about data storage, access and its use every day. Manufacturers have plenty of it, and some make great efficiencies when they give customers access to the information they need to make buying decisions. But what about data storage? Enjoyed this piece that discusses data lakes and warehouses…