Plenty of talking points and engaging reading matter online recently, so here’s our selection of items that have touched on research, manufacturing, data management, great new tech products and the next generation of smart factories. Enjoy…

Disruptive laser tracker technology

Not far from the Epitomy Solutions base, is the outstanding Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC). In October they announced details about their Reflex Imaging’s Laser Metrology Module (LAMM for short) that uses a laser to track a target and generate co-ordinates. The exciting technology is suited to a wide range of manufacturing applications…

Manufacturing boost for Sheffield region

More recently, it was great to see Boeing open its first European factory on our doorstep – on the edge of Sheffield/Rotherham. Covered widely in a mainstream media, the impressive £40m production unit will produce aircraft components. Take a read:

Reduce costs with IoT

Who doesn’t want to reduce costs? Fascinating piece on that shows how AI can analyse data, understand how your organisation uses energy, identify wastage, and predict future consumption.  Sounds clever, eh? Read on…

Manufacturing data via mobiles

We all use mobile phones in personal and work lives these days. Increasingly, manufacturers are making sure that customers can access product information on the move. It makes sense. The big question: can Google’s new Pixel 3 range muscle in on the congested mobile market and become a leader in its field alongside the established players?

What’s new for 2019?

Always interested to take a look into the [near] future. So much changes quickly, so it’s foolish trying to second guess developments over a decade down the line. Next year, however, you know that many of the predictions will come true as many of the products and services are being developed and tested as we speak. Particularly liked this from Forbes; mindsets across organisations also need to change so we can embrace what’s new..

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