The arrival of new systems, improved software and faster connectivity offers manufacturers exciting opportunities. Next-generation automation and the Industrial Internet of Things have arrived.

Epitomy Solutions has supported numerous organisations in recent years with powerful Product Data Management ( PDM) software. It has delivered increased sales for manufacturers whilst reducing their cost of business.

The bottom line is important. Most accept that investing in new products and services is essential to not only ride the digital wave but to see how better use of part information can improve efficiencies and boost sales.

As Industry 4.0 becomes reality, production line automation, advanced technologies and big data analysis are disrupting the supply chain. To many, it’s an entirely new way of thinking.

Those who evolve their facilities into “smart factories” are set to reap rewards as they enhance existing services and attract a raft of new tech-savvy customers.

Product data is power

Until recently, industrial might was associated with powerful machinery, skilled personnel and vast manufacturing footprints.

While the traditional production toolset will always be relevant, there are now opportunities to dig deeper and explore new routes to market.

Consumer behaviour has changed beyond all recognition in just a few years. Buyers from retail chains, independent distributors and even the public who seek to buy parts and machinery direct know they can find, research and purchase from anywhere and via multiple devices.

More than that, they no longer have to source locally. They are connected to a global market place. OEMs must ensure that they showcase their products to a worldwide audience, with currencies accurately converted and product features, availability and shipping times always up to date.

By putting the power in consumers’ hands, with relevant and timely product information, manufacturers can capture the business they need to drive aftersales.

An intelligent product supply chain

A powerful PDM platform goes hand-in-hand with an automated production facility. Synchronising data across platforms and users ensures that any stage of the manufacturing process and supply chain can react appropriately to real-time changes.

Whether it’s predictive maintenance tasks based on the increased use of key machinery, a break in Just-In-Time (JiT) supply chain parts or unexpected demand for specific assemblies, the whole system and its users need to respond.

Better connected systems, with accurate data, enable people to work smarter and more efficiently. The accumulated knowledge can be centrally pooled and distributed to departments, decision-makers and end-users as required.

Information is captured, stored, catalogued and made available to assist day-to-day decision making and future planning.

The result is a more intelligent organisation that is built on valuable product information, data that helps to build pride in a workforce and gives confidence to the people who buy the finished goods.

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